When Can a Creditor Pursue the Parent Company of a Defunct “Alter Ego” Corporation in Arizona? Davis Miles McGuire Gardner Litigator Helps Shed Light With Groundbreaking Appellate Win

 | Firm News, Litigation

On February 25, 2020, in a unanimous opinion the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Davis Miles McGuire Gardner’s client, Specialty Companies Group, LLC in an ongoing lawsuit against Meritage Homes of America, Inc.  The court of appeals decision

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Strengthening Your Negotiating Position

Scott Gibson |  | Litigation

Everyone negotiates. Let me rephrase that. Everyone negotiates every day. Parents negotiate to convince toddlers to eat their “mmm, yummy, good” chicken nuggets. Teenagers negotiate for a later curfew or for expanded car privileges. Spouses negotiate to determine who will pick

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