Davis Miles McGuire Gardner

Summer Associates

Our summer program will expose  you to a large variety of practice areas. In addition to having meaningful assignments, you will have experiential opportunities, too.  Experiences that range from attending depositions, settlement conferences, and hearings to attending client meetings. We hope our summer associates will not only hone their legal writing and research skills, but also their interpersonal skills, which are even more important. You will find that creating great relationships is at the heart of everything we do. The summer program is extremely flexible. It is what you make of it! Our summer program mimics what a career will be like with our law firm. It is important that you get to know us as much as we get to know you!

You will find that you have control over your career at Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, PLLC, like no other law firm. From the unique compensation plan to no minimum required billable hours, we want you to grow professionally and have a great work life balance.

We are hiring second year law students for our summer associate program in Tempe, Arizona.  Second career law students are welcome.

Are you looking for a law firm that will treat you like family?  We are not for everyone.  But if you left your ego behind long ago. Reach out to us!


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