By Brian Hazelgren

Hazelgren Books

I have been a serial entrepreneur for 25 years, and have built several companies. It has been very rewarding and an incredible education. I have also written 10 books on entrepreneurship, leadership and business planning. For six years I was fortunate to work in the cause marketing and charitable giving space to raise over $1 billion for children’s hospitals.

This education earned in the trenches as a small business owner was the basis of being asked by the University of Utah to create an entrepreneurial program for their business students to teach them how to start their own companies. During the 10 years of creating and implementing curriculum, competitions, and the entrepreneur center I was fortunate to share my experiences with thousands of students.

Out of that experience I developed a training system for entrepreneurs to help them launch and expand their own small business. When entrepreneurs experience my system, they learn the essential elements that bring their business to life! It helps them to develop their own system to reach an entirely new level of success. Why is this system so important?

  1. It helps entrepreneurs clearly identify what their goals are and how to achieve them.
  2. It provides the necessary information lenders and investors are looking for in a business. This is crucial for any business. You need money to make money.

Within time, I also participated in veteran’s organizations and began to understand that my program along with other opportunities would be the foundation to help veterans in their quest to launch and run a successful small business. We launched a charitable organization called GOVETS Foundation to provide the resources veterans need to enable them to be successful in business.

I talked with Charlie Davis – a veteran and managing partner at Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, Brian Hazelgrenand he saw the value that our Foundation could provide our fellow veterans. The Davis Miles McGuire Gardner law firm has helped me see my dream of GO*VETS  become a reality. Their legal expertise has been invaluable.

GO*VETS is growing into the kind of organization that I have always dreamed about. And now through GO*VETS and the Davis Miles McGuire Gardner firm, we have the opportunity to help veterans make their dreams come true. For me, that is what it is all about.