Which Relatives Can I Bring To The U.S.?

Jared C. Leung |  | Immigration

Family Unity Could Take Time I often receive inquiries on what constitutes qualifying relationships for family immigration sponsorship.  Under President Trump’s proposed immigration plan, only spouses and children of U.S. citizens and permanent residents (“green card” holders) may be sponsored

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Property Ownership

Clint S. Dunaway |  | Eviction, Real Estate

Arizona state law and case law are clear that eviction cases are designed to only address the issue of possession and not any issues addressing the ownership of the property involved. The limited scope of a forcible entry and detainer action has

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What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

 | Bankruptcy

If you’re considering filing for bankrupcty, it’s important to know your options: Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – “Wage earners” bankruptcy Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – “Liquidation” bankruptcy Yes, there are different types of bankruptcy. Which one is best for you is determined

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