Arizona Auto Injury Claims

Arizona is one of the most dangerous places in the United States to drive a car. Chances are good that you have been, or will be involved in an automobile accident. You suddenly find yourself forced into a world where you have little or no experience and your opposition knows a lot—the world of Insurance! So, here is your question:

What Does The Insurance Company Know About Your Claim That You Do Not?

The answer: a lot! Insurance companies have been handling claims for over 200 years, and they are one of the richest industries in the world. They make their money by being expert in paying out less for claims than they collect in premiums, and they are very good at it. No offense, but how do your experience and resources match up compared to theirs?

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The real losses.

Of all the factors including the evaluating a claim, some are relatively easy to mathematically calculate, such as medical bills, vehicle repair or replacement and lost income.  However, there is no price tag hanging from your pain, the disappointment of missing that long-planned vacation, or the twinge of guilt every time you told your toddler you couldn’t hold her.  So, how do you put a dollar value on the harms and losses you have experienced?

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“My wife was injured in an auto accident. We were uncertain about the insurance claim process, but did not feel it was time to hire an attorney. Fortunately, I was able to obtain a copy of Mr. Fine’s book on auto accident claims. It answered a lot of the questions I had about the process. I would highly recommend reading Mr. Fine’s book as soon as possible following an auto accident in order to understand how to properly deal with the insurance company and to make sure your best interests are being properly considered.”

“When it was time to meet with a lawyer, my wife and I set an appointment with Mr. Fine. During our appointment, Mr. Fine really took a consultative approach and even suggested some final tips for us to try to reach a settlement with the insurance company, before needing to hire him. We are trying a few more steps on our own, but if we do hire an attorney, it will definitely be Mr. Fine.”  – Mark Bogojevich