Data BreachArizona may see a slight up-tick in divorce filings in the coming months.  The press has been all over the events related to the data breach of the adultery website Ashley Madison.

It is estimated that Ashley Madison has 39 million members.  However, of these 39 million members, some profiles may be duplicates, some of these may be fake profiles, and it is likely that some of these are practical jokes whereby one person has signed up a friend or co-worker without that person’s knowledge.

Nonetheless, it is clear that of the 39,000,000 members, there are going to be married people residing in Arizona who visited the site and became members of the site with an expectation of internet anonymity, who are now fully exposed as members of the site.

While it may be advantageous for a cheating spouse to quickly come clean with their spouse before that spouse finds out as a result of the Ashley Madison leak, human nature is such that the majority of married members of the site living in Arizona will lay low hoping not to be discovered.  While this may pay off if they are not discovered by their spouse (or friends or neighbors, or other acquaintances), upon discovery the consequences of not having come clean are likely to be greater, and the emotional feelings of betrayal much more severe.

Even without the data breach, marriages in Arizona are frequently ended upon one spouse finding out that the other spouse is engaged in an extramarital affair.  Such affairs are often discovered through cell-phones, Facebook, and word of mouth from family or friends.


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