Your Arizona Divorce Book

I decided to put this book together, and to address primarily the logical and legal aspects of divorce and family law (perhaps I will discuss a few emotional issues as well).

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This book is not to replace your need to have an attorney, and in fact, hopefully as you read through this book you will quickly realize how important it is for you to have an experienced attorney on your side.  One of my many clients over the years was an experienced family law attorney himself, probably as knowledgeable (or perhaps more knowledgeable than I was at that time) about the law in Arizona, and the issues he faced.  However, because of his knowledge and experience, he also recognized that he would be emotionally bogged down and personally experiencing the negative emotion of his divorce, which would hinder his ability to make logical and financial decisions without improper influence of negative emotions.


Throughout this book my intention is to present you with various issues that you may need to deal with in your own case, and enough information about the issues to help you when speaking with your attorney.  By understanding more about the applicable law in Arizona, you will be able to help your attorney focus on the relevant issues in your case and you will be better able to sort through the emotional issues and focus on the logical and legal issues that your attorney will use in representing you.

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