The more things change…

The last few years, our country has experienced some hic-ups in our individual and collective pursuits of happiness. Most of us have family and friends who have lost their homes, their retirement, their livelihood, their dreams and in some cases, their families due in part to the recent economic situation. It has been a difficult time, but it has been a period of growth as many have taken this opportunity to reassess their goals, their lives and their futures.

We at Davis Miles McGuire Gardner understand and appreciate the dedication and determination of our clients as life styles have been modified and sacrifices made to adjust to their current situation. As a result, one of our focuses has been and continues to be, providing our clients with tools and knowledge to assist, educate and assist our clients in meeting their current legal challenges.

This last year we provided numerous free seminars, consultations and services that allowed our clients and our potential clients to obtain valuable information. This information helped them make choices as to actions they needed to pursue to resolve their personal and legal issues. Our seminars covered bankruptcy, asset management and immigration to name a few.  Our real estate law and employment law attorney’s provide free, but valuable information every Sunday afternoon on their radio show, ‘Get To Know The Law with Davis Miles McGuire Gardner’. These radio spots are available on our web site for anyone who needs specific information about their rights and responsibilities as employees, employers, landlords or tenants.

We are committed to continue offering this free information, and confidential consultations or consultations at a minimal charge for many of the practice areas Davis Miles McGuire Gardner offers.  We believe knowledge is power and as your attorney, our goal is to empower you to make the best choices available to you.

This coming year we will continue to offer free seminars to help you. Our seminar schedule is posted on our website at davismiles.com. If you have any questions we are here.  Davis Miles McGuire Gardner is a firm that will help you find solutions. Our question is “what can we do for you?”

Best Wishes for peace and joy this holiday season and a New Year of health, happiness and prosperity.

From your law firm at Davis Miles McGuire Gardner