By Kevin P. Fine, Attorney

There are many others, but here are suggestions to avoid the most common mistakes we see made by after someone has sustained a serious injury due to the fault of another person:

1)  Don’t put off the medical treatment you need.  You do not want to compromise your health.

2)  Don’t feel in a rush to resolve the claim.  Settling too soon can leave you without the funds you need to compensate your full losses.

3)  Don’t accept the insurance company evaluation of what your compensation should be.  You need your own evaluation.

4)  Don’t think the process will be easy because fault was clear.  Fair compensation is usually the battle ground, not fault.

5)  Don’t “hide” anything, even if you think it may be bad for your claim.  Nothing can be more damaging to a case than not being completely honest.

6)  Don’t avoid hiring an attorney to avoid paying for legal services.  It will cost you even more than the attorney would have.

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